"Kalinov Most" is a legendary Siberian rock band. The birthplace of the band is Novosibirsk, but the birthplace of the leader of the band and songwriter Dmitry Revyakin can be considered Transbaikalia, where he spent his childhood and where he still draws his vitality and creativeness.

The music style of the band as journalists define it is folk-rock. Of course, this is very conditionally. And the musicians themselves have repeatedly rejected this label.

"Kalinov Most ", like any genuinely creative and original music band, does not fit into any known style, and if to give the definition to their songs, it can be only "the songs by Kalinov Most ". Also Cossack culture and spirit are close to Dmitry Reviakin himself. Recently, he repeatedly called the band’s music "the modern Cossack songs".

"Kalinov Most " is one of the few bands that can be with full rights called the legend of Russian rock. And even among these few bands this one is special. It is very mysterious, legendary and even mythological.

The membership of the band up to date:

  • Dmitry Revyakin - acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Victor Chaplygin - drums, percussion
  • Konstantin Kovachyov - guitar
  • Andrey Baslyk - bass guitar
  • Alexander Vladykin - keys, piano accordion
  • Valery Cherkesov - sound engineer