NORDGOLD became an official sponsor of the festival "Voice of the Nomads" again

Company “NORDGOLD” (“Buryat Gold”) supports the festival for the second time, which shows its openness, modern outlook on life, love for art and culture.

Supporting the festival, the official sponsor gives an opportunity to invite the most interesting musicians, which means that the festival will be developing, and its viewers will be able to enjoy the musical holiday.

The festival management appreciates the company “NORDGOLD” for its support and hopes for further cooperation. We also call other private Buryat companies to become sponsors and partners of the festival and thereby contribute to the development of culture and event tourism in Buryatia.

"VOICE OF NOMADS 2017": music, freedom, love

The IX International Music Festival will be held on July 14-15 at the tourist complex "Steppe Nomad" in the village of Atsagat, 50 km from Ulan-Ude

The festival, like a real nomad, has changed the venue for several times. For its rich eight-year history, it has been to all theatrical grounds of the city. The last four years in a row it ended with a grand outdoor picnic in the Ethnographic Museum. In 2016, the organizers decided that it is necessary to go outside the city and make it open-air in the real steppe for the growth of the festival. So the "Voice of the nomads" moved to the "Steppe Nomad" tourist complex, which is located in the village of Atsagat of Zaigraevsky district of the Republic of Buryatia. This is a favorable place in terms of infrastructure and picturesque landscape. On the one hand, it gives a sense of being a part of nature, and on the other hand is not so far from civilization, as it is only 40 minutes from Ulan-Ude.

- The decision to hold the festival in Atsagat was not easy, it was risky. It is difficult to build a new road when there is already a trodden path, but we were already not interested in it, - says Natalia Ulanova, the Art director of the festival. - We set goals of a different scale to ourselves - the development of event tourism in Buryatia. We want thousands of tourists and guests who love the world music and are interested not only in the traditional national culture of Buryatia but also in the modern one to come to us. And the last year’s first experience of the festival in Atsagat showed that we are on the right track.

This year, the "Voice of the Nomads", as always, prepared a diverse line-up, where fans of narrow musical genres, admirers of authentic music of the peoples of the world and lovers of discovering the new styles, and, of course, connoisseurs of world music in its best manifestations will find something of their own.

Andrei Zaporozhets, better known as “SunSay” and half of the “5'nizza” duet will perform on July 14 in Atsagat. SunSay's music is philosophical lyrics, accompanied by a mix of reggae, jazz, funk, folk, hip-hop and electronic rhythms. Genres intertwine and mix, presenting what is called world music to casual listeners and sophisticated music fans.

Another strong argument to attend the festival this year is the performance of the legend of the Russian rock band "Kalinov Most" on July 15. The birthplace of the band itself is the city of Novosibirsk, but the cradle of the band leader and author of songs - Dmitry Reviakin - can be considered Transbaikalia, where he spent his childhood and where he still draws his vitality and creativeness.

The rhythms of the Brazilian samba from the band “Casuarina” from Rio de Janeiro will sound at the festival, a band from Seoul “Jambinai” will show what the Korean post-rock is, and the Mongolian “Magnolian” band will present romantic indie rock. Especially for those who were stunned by the power of the Moscow duet “Volga” last year, and those who missed the mesmerizing performance of Angela Manukyan, the band will return and blow up the festival for the second time.

Buryat musicians will be represented by rapper Khatkhur Zu, the everyone’s beloved Badma-Handa and "White Cloud" Namgar.

In addition to the main music program, other entertainment venues will also operate on the territory of the complex. Guests of the festival will be able to see folk bands, try traditional cuisine, buy souvenirs, ride horses and camels, take photos in traditional costumes, visit the Atsagatsky Datsan (Buddhist Temple) and the Museum House of Buddhist monk Agvan Dorzhiev. Also, everyone will be able to learn how to play the traditional Buryat game "Shagai", embroider with beads in traditional Cossack style, shoot arrows and dance national dances.


The visitors can stay in a camping site in own tents or rent one at the “Steppe Nomad”, where hot food will be available as well. For those who brought food with them, there are places in the tourist complex where it can be cooked at the stake.


Transfer “Ulan-Ude - "Steppe Nomad"” will be organized for everyone who want to get to the festival "Voice of Nomads". The fare from the Soviet Square to the “Steppe Nomad” will cost 100 rubles on public transport in one direction. This year the organizers promise to make the schedule more convenient so that everyone can stay until the end of the music program and get to the center of Ulan-Ude without problems. The bus schedule will be published later. A guarded parking lot will be provided for those who wish to come to the festival on personal transport.


According to the experience of big music festivals, the organizers of the "Voice of the Nomads" use the increasing ticket cost system. Until the end of June, if you buy tickets for two days of the festival, July 14 and 15, the price is 1500 rubles, and from 1st of July the cost will go up to 2000 rubles.

The program of the festival starts at 5 PM and finishes at 2 AM on July 14, on July 15 the program starts at 1 PM and finishes at 2 AM. The line-up of each of the days will appear in the near future.

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