The music of the band NAMGAR goes back to the ancient heritage of the nomads of Southern Siberia, Buryatia and Mongolia, these are ancient steppe lingering songs, fervent dance songs and song-tales. Since 2001, the key members of the band - Namgar Lhasaranova and Evgeniy Zolotaryov - are openly perform all around the world to make as many people as possible get to know about the history of the centuries-old musical culture of Siberia, the Great Steppe and mountains. The unique voice and traditional singing of Namgar, her playing on khomus and the national Mongolian string instrument - yataga, as well as the sounding Buryat chanza and khomus of Eugeny are elegantly synthesized with the modern musical traditions of world music.

At different times, different musicians join Namgar and Evgeny - percussionists, drummers, musicians who play the Mongolian morin huure, violin, and also throaty singers.

In translation from the Tibetan language "namgar" is a "white cloud". By now, the live singing of the White Cloud, Namgar, has flown around Mongolia, China, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, the USA, Canada. And everywhere the voice of Namgar reveals to the listener, even if he does not know the language, the state of the eastern free nomad soul in its inseparable connection with nature, time and ancestors…